Audio driver merged

1 min

The es8328 audio codec driver has been accepted by the ASoC maintainer. That means the driver will make its way upstream, and should land in Linus' tree in a few weeks. One more hurdle down on the road to mainstream.

This week we'll be focusing on getting more of our patches upstream. We'll be refining both the PWM driver's low-speed mode (which allows us to dim the LCD), as well as the STMPE610, which is a touchscreen chip we use for various bits and bobs such as volume button detection and a resistive touchscreen if users want to add one after market.

With this done, we'll move on to the Senoko battery board. A partial refactor has already taken place, and the resulting platform is more stable. Eventually, though, we'll need to come up with an MFD driver, and have Senoko act as a GPIO port expander. Then, of course, we'll need to come up with the Gold Master final image to burn onto the boards in the factory.